I designed Spook - at least, the original version - with a guy I liked a lot at the time but whose name escapes me now (the down side of moving into and out of the industry). If he's reading this: please get in touch.

It was going to be an arcade game; its transition to a computer game must have come post-Tramiel. My buddy and I spent several days cruising Silicon Valley, exploring "spooky" houses pointed out to us by local realtors, and of course we visited the Winchester Mystery House on Atari's dime. If you're not familiar with this place, Sarah Winchester, wife of the man who invented the Winchester rifle, was warned by a psychic that she was haunted by the ghosts of everyone the rifles killed, and she could only survive by building a mansion that would never be finished. So the house is filled with projects that are essentially busy work: stairways that go nowhere, windows in the floor, and a door opening onto an 8-foot drop into a kitchen sink.

It doesn't look like much of that got into the cart.