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will return December 1
Who Are They…?

Max August™, The Point Man™, The Long Man™, The Plain Man™, The Arena Man™, Coyote™, Scorpio Rose™, The Djinn™, Roulette™, Slash™, Lorelei™, X-Caliber™, and Rustle's Christmas Adventure™ are ©2024 Steve Englehart. Art for Rustle's Christmas Adventure™ is ©2024 Joe Staton. The DNAgers™ is ©2024 Steve and Terry Englehart. Proton-Man™, Immuna™, Protonica™, and Dr Protonic™, and the Pro-Team™ are  ©2024 Steve Englehart and Mike Jaszewski. All other copyrighted characters are © their respective owners.

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