The Long Man
Max August Book 1

Max August, a point man for his platoon in Vietnam, discovered a different kind of war in 1980, a hidden war between the forces of freedom and bondage. Under the tutelage of legendary alchemist Cornelius Agrippa, he began to learn the use of real-world magick in the service of humanity, against those who would control us.

In 1985, Max stopped aging. He became "Timeless," the Long Man, and began to live forever in the prime of his life. He's put all the years since then to perfecting his skills, to stay alive in a war that never ends, because he can be killed, like any warrior anywhere. Others have been killed - Agrippa, for one, and Max's wife for another. So he's learned magick, and honed his combat skills, and worked every other discipline he could in the decades he's gained. He calls himself an alchemist with a gun, and he's not wrong.

This past Halloween, Max was summoned to protect Dr. Pamela Blackwell, a beautiful, savvy scientist at the Centers for Disease Control. Dr. Blackwell's research into neurotoxins could save the lives of millions, but it has put her in the crosshairs of the FRC, a cabal determined to rule the world through any means possible: military action, economic manipulation, political chicanery . . . and magick. They, too, seek to be the best they can be, and they don't want Pam's discovery to be known.

Max and Pam together must travel to Barbados and beyond to destroy Pam's assailants before they destroy her. And when they do, they uncover the reason she was targeted - a monstrous plot by men and women who will literally stop at nothing. Max will have to be more than just Timeless to survive everything he'll face as he races to stop a genocide of untold proportions. And Pam must master his real-world ways of magick if she's to have any chance of survival at all.

The Point Man


As you can see, one cool thing about this series is, it takes place in real time. The Point Man really did take place in 1980, and this one really takes place now. Each of Max's adventures is a snapshot of the time he's living in, as he lives through time - the progress of (possibly) an immortal man.

Cover art by Frank Stockton.

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