At The Prism Club  

InRage Entertainment, run by Grammy-nominated Sony producer Bruce "Automatic" Vanderveer and Sony songwriter Ebony Rae Vanderveer, decided they wanted to create music with an eye toward the Shang-Chi movies so they came to the source. Nowhere else in this site will you find any mention of my musical capabilities, but fortunately, what they wanted from me were titles, concepts, and atmospheres related to the world of Shang-Chi. So I let myself marinate in the stories for a while and came up with the songs you'll find on this EP, available wherever you stream your music.

Once again, I do not sing on this album, but as you'll hear, a lot of talented people do. They are, across the top

Sirena M3DI Camber ALEXEY

and across the bottom —

ZorDon of Doom — Nyah — Chyka Jackson

They're all playing the Prism Club tonight, so if you want to dance a little longer with Shang-Chi, this is the way to get on that.

As a bonus, check out ZorDon of Doom's video with Camber and some guy.

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