Tales of Totem


Epyx is now primarily remembered for inventing the Lynx handheld game system, which they sold to Atari after they went bankrupt. But before that time, they were a successful software house producing games for Atari and Apple. Their path led them from adventure games to sports games; their biggest hit was SummerGames, an evolution of a decathlon game for the Atari 2600. This expansion of their gaming world led to an expansion of their horizons, and so it was that we got together on a large-scale epic which grew from the Amerindian lore I'd studied while writing COYOTE™.

In Tales of Totem, the player interacts with twelve different totem spirits, each of which has its own personality and motivations. He chooses one of them to be his personal Totem, and this colors everything that comes afterward. The idea was to experience an exciting, challenging games and learn a little bit about the nature of nature - just the kind of thing I'm known for.

But like many another company in the Valley, they took a wrong turn somewhere, cancelled their software projects (including ToT), and sold off Lynx. RIP Epyx.