Part Duh

(Games, Inc. ...sort of)

As we saw on the first page, this company was a truly wonderful place to work. But since that first go-round, things have both changed and not changed.

The "not-changed" part is that Infogrames - now known as Atari...wait, this is getting confusing.

Once upon a time there was Atari, and I worked there. It was sold to new owners, who eventually sold it to Hasbro (I worked there), who eventually sold it to Infogrames (I worked there), and Infogrames decided, not unrealistically, that "Atari" sounds better than "Infogrames," so they changed their name.

Anyway, the current Atari is the same company that controlled And that company did not want, so they haven't updated it since they got it. That's the not-changed part.

What they did do was license it to another company called Games, Inc., in Cincinnati. This company had grandiose ideas of not only updating but upgrading, and to that end, they I was brought in as a link to's past, and as Senior Creative Consultant, to bring the site up to speed. I developed a plan to be "The Mayor" of the site, a living presence rather than a bunch of canned answers. I developed over 30 animated characters to host the various games. I redesigned and all the other Games, Inc. sites. I even moved to Cincinnati to be on top of all this, at least for a while (and this was no hardship; I liked Cincinnati a lot). There was only one problem...

Games, Inc.'s deal with Atari fell apart, and, in a flurry of charges and countercharges, returned to Atari, which does not want it (and I returned to California). So it remains in the same state as when I left it the first time, even though it could be made the best game site on the net at any time.