Vampirella II


Eleven issues after making my debut in comics as an art assistant (VAMPI 10), I got the gig writing Miss Rella. A theme through much of this gallery is my coming onto a book after Archie Goodwin had started it off (THE HULK, LUKE CAGE, JUSTICE). In this case, Archie had written a series I really loved - then T. Casey Brennan got it before I did - but it was Archie's ambiance that I tried to emulate. In fact, since I was by now employed at Marvel, I had to use a pseudonym at Warren, and chose "Chad Archer," meaning "Shadowing Archie."

Unfortunately, my quickly growing workload at Marvel made me drop Vampi much sooner than I would have liked, but not as soon as it seemed. I wrote the fourth issue in my run, titled "Into the Inferno," and mailed it off to the Warren offices without making a copy. Yep, they lost it somewhere in-house, so editor Bill DuBay wrote a completely different story under that already-announced title. And I learned never to leave myself with no backup ever again.

Fortunately, I shadowed Archie well enough that my little run has joined his as a favorite.


ICollection: Contains 22 & 23I
ICollection: Contains 21, 22, & 23I
ICollection: Contains 21I
ICollection: Contains 22I



Classic art by José González.