2-5, 7

Jim Shooter had a vision. As Editor-in-Chief of Marvel, he wanted to make comics more "realistic." So he started a new line called the, um, New Universe. Archie Goodwin wrote the first issue of one series called JUSTICE, but didn't continue for one reason or another, and Jim called me to ask that I take it over. I was not interested and told him so - I like my comics more fantastic - but Jim had done me various kindnesses over the years (and always with the injunction that I wasn't to tell anyone; Jim is a more complex man than usually represented) - so I agreed.

The regular artist on the book was Geoff Isherwood, and he quickly began involving himself in the storyline - to the point that I was able to leave the book entirely in his hands six months later.




6 was a fill-in.

This is the fourth time I followed Archie Goodwin. See VAMPIRELLA, THE HULK, and LUKE CAGE.