Legends of the DC Universe


DC had been talking to me about doing something for this series and we settled on this. It had odd continuity problems to start with, since the latest theory put my "definitive Batman" run at the dawn of the DC Universe - so that no one knew who Aquaman was. Then, after I wrote it to those specs, the Continuity Editor changed his mind and I had to rewrite it, putting it at a later time and fitting it to art that didn't put it there. All in all, a reasonably forgettable job...

...except that it was then adapted (loosely, the only way it could be) for the Justice League animated series. That makes three Hollywood productions I've helped get made to this point (UltraForce and Captain America are the others), in addition to the five I've generated directly (Dr Strange, Batman, NightMan, Batman: The Animated Series/The Adventures of Batman & Robin, and The Silver Surfer).



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