The Human Bomb

I'm working with an editor who's very bad at returning phone calls. Finally he tells me that it's a psychological quirk, and that I should assume that he approves of what I'm doing unless he specifically says he doesn't. So we've got a miniseries called THE HUMAN BOMB ready to go - I call and say I'll be ready to write in a week - I don't hear back - I write the first issue - and DC jumps up and says "There's no paperwork on this! You did this without approval!" The editor hems and haws but finally cops to telling me silence means approval. DC says he's not allowed to do that, even though it's done. We go round and round in a totally useless argument. Finally they accept him and me at our word. But the series is cancelled.

The idea is, our hero gains the power to detonate anything he touches: a Midas touch of death. Naturally, he devises safeguards to protect against using the power by mistake. Then the safeguards fail…

The title below refers to his girlfriend.

Much like THE FLY (and POWER), this series was about what happens when the superhero clichés go wrong.