Blue Beetle

(DC Weekly)

For years, DC wanted to do a weekly book. Eventually, they did, by squeezing GREEN LANTERN CORPS into a version that made the stands. But before that, they worked up a prototype that never made it out the door. The lead feature in that one was BLUE BEETLE.

I wrote seven 4-pages chapters in BB's serial. In the competition to be the artist, the first one was illustrated by several people, including Deryl Skelton and my old COYOTE™ pal, Chas Truog - and I believe there were others as well. In any event, Deryl got the job, and went on to draw at least six of the seven chapters. But that's as far as we got.

Below is that first 4-pager. Running downward on the left is Deryl's version, and on the right, Chas's. It's interesting to compare the choices made by two artists working off the exact same script.

Art by Deryl SkeltonI
IArt by Chas Truog



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